Oh sure. It's kickball and it's fun. But there's always a joker in the crowd, or some over-competitive jack-ass who's trying to abuse the system. These rules are for those folks. If you're pretty lax about sports, then you can probably skip this section. The general guidelines here are: If you think it's wrong to do, then it probably is.

All penalties incurred by Kickers are "outs", warnings, or "runs".
All penalties incurred by Fielders, Outfield Chasers, and Chasers are exacted by a "sit-down".

A "sit-down" is a penalty against the Outfielder in question. The offending Outfielder must sit in place for a 30 second count. Kind of a time-out self-incurred penalty box.
For Runner penalties, keep in mind you can have negative runs, so mind your manners.


"Booting" is when a Fielder deliberately throws or kicks a ball away to go make the Chaser from the other team have to run and go get it.

This could also be if the Outfielder simply doesn't drop the ball in place when the ball is declared "dead". That's a sit-down for you my friend.


Oh sure, as the Runner you can catch a ball that's thrown to you. But you can't swat the ball or strip the ball out of Outfielder's hands. Mojo Kickball™'s supposed to be a non-contact sport. Try and keep it that way, or you'll be called "out".


If you are a Chaser or an Outfield Chaser and you are inhibiting an Outfielder from getting to an un-fielded ball, then you may be guilty of "blocking" and receive a "sit-down" penalty.

By the same token, if you are an Outfielder and you are inhibiting a Chaser from getting to another Outfielder with a ball, that is also "blocking" and is a "sit-down".

There is some judgement call here so mind your manners and don't piss off the Ref.


A lot of Runners will want to hold onto their Chaser or vice-versa. This can be a good way to let the Chaser know where the Runner is without having to look at them. That's all fine but due to injuries resulting from one team member pulling another team member down into the dirt, it has been decided that we should keep things safe by not allowing people to grab, or hold the other team member. All you're allowed to do is to touch them. Just don't grab, or it's a penalty.

"Pitch Interference"

No Fielder can interfere with a pitched ball.

Now here's the fun part. The Pitcher can pitch as wild and crazily as they'd like, and if the pitched ball touches a Fielder while the Fielder is within the Bunt-Line", then that Fielder will receive a sit-down from the Ref. This means that Pitcher can peg any Fielder within the Bunt-line with the ball and cause that Fielder to receive a penalty.

"Kicking Interference"

No Fielder can field a moving ball that has not passed the Pitcher's mound. This is called Kicking Interference.

"Runner Interference"

If you are a Fielder and you do NOT have a ball, you may NOT stand on the baseline and impede a Runner's progress in any way.
This might seem obvious at first, but it can get quite tricky in actual play. For example, if a Runner decides to run back to the base from which he/she came, and a Fielder just happens to be in the way, then that Fielder will be at risk of a penalty if the Runner happens to touch them.

So you're best bet if you're a Fielder is to just stay off the baselines altogether if you don't have a ball.

General Jackass-ery

Stop it. Be nice.

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